We offer a variety of Originals, Prints, Giclees, and T-shirts for purchase. If you see something that you like that we do not offer yet, please contact us... Anything is possible!

We are a small family oriented business devoted to quality and one-on-one customer relations. We will provide to you the highest quality Giclees available with equally high quality customer relations. We will keep our editions low in comparison with the world market and our Giclees will continue to be of museum, archival quality. And because the Giclee business is a nearly new concept we do understand that the majority of potential customers are still learning about the process and its significance in the world of fine art. Thus, we welcome your questions and concerns. By "we" I refer to my daughter Christina and myself. One of us will be available every day to address your concerns, either by phone or email.

Ordering Process: To help you in the ordering process, we do offer samples. Some of the samples are a cut portion of a Giclee, free of charge to you. Other samples, depending on your preference, are a complete Giclee on either paper or canvas, or both, but because of the expense of the product, we must ask a minimum fee, which is 100% refundable either upon return of the sample(s) or as a credit along with your paid order. The sample, of necessity, will have “sample” written on it and is not suitable for display. Please email or call us to request a sample.